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The Professional Quality Control System Limited

EGS (Asia) Ltd

Gerson Lehrman Group (Asia) Ltd

China Dragon Inspection & Certification (HK) Ltd

Solid Base Group Limited

Lee Cheong Construction & Building Materials Ltd

Micom Tech Limited

Crown Hill Development Limited

CSA International

Afai Ships Ltd

Unlimited Innovation Limited

Advanced Materials Enterprises Company Limited

CEPREI (Hong Kong) Calibration and Testing Centre Limited

Goldfield N & W Construction Co Ltd

Shimadzu (Hong Kong) Limited

Ets-Testconsult Limited

FRD Services Company Limited

Spring Shine International Company Limited

Fugro Technical Services Limited

Product Services Limited

Great East Asia Surveyors & Consultants Co Ltd

Design Innovation (HK) Ltd

SGS Hong Kong Limited

Sinoway Construction Engineering Ltd

Effective Label Limited

Stanger Asia Limited

Testex Swiss Textile-Testing Limited

Consumer Search Hong Kong Ltd

Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited

SGT World Ltd

Datacraft China / Hong Kong Ltd

Product Matrix Limited

CTC Asia Ltd

Perception Digital Limited

Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Hong Kong) Limited

TUV Asia Pacific Ltd

Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory

Hong Kong Q.C. Center Limited

ENSR Asia (HK) Ltd

Clark Kincaid Engineering (H.K.) Ltd


BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions (Asia) Limited

Intrafor Hong Kong Limited


The Hong Kong Food Council Ltd

Aadmix Limited

OMIC & Associates Ltd

Radius Hong Kong Limited

Talbots International Retailing Limited, Inc.

Style.Lab Asia Limited

Kwonfai Printing & Carton Factory

CMA Testing And Certification Laboratories Ltd

Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

Pro QC Systems Far East Ltd

UL International Limited

Bosan Industrial Technology Ltd.

Ping Di Ming Tat Carton Paper Products Fty

Bureau Veritas Hong Kong Limited

Fairform Manufacturing Company Limited

Supertex, Limited

Eurodrug Laboratories Limited

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited

Spark Technology Limited

Intertek Testing Services

TUV SUD Hong Kong Limited

Valence Semiconductor Design Ltd

Emotive Studio Ltd

Per Una Hong Kong Limited

Specialized Technology Resources (HK) Ltd

International Electrical Certification Centre Limited

Li Ning Sports Technology Development (Hong Kong) Company Limited

ACE Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd

HK Watch & Clock Technology Centre - Hong Kong Productivity Council

Procurasia Limited

Soldata Asia Ltd

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology R and D Corporation Limited

The Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd

Intertek Testing Services International (Hong Kong) Limited

Beam Matrix Limited

DSCO Group Limited

Quicktest Limited

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