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Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong, COMPTROUB (HK)

Honest & Professional On-Site Service at Best Price Since 1997 Around the World: "Many thanks for fixing & saving my data...... : ) " is our popular goodbye received. 1. We are a global franchise and diagnose independently and objectively to solve hardware & software problems using Computer Troubleshooters Global proprietary tools & training. 2. We work on "Your Versions" of software and bring enough spare parts. 3. We guarantee installing genuine Windows without your Recovery CDs! Customers are always happy with the peace of mind associated with our services and after-support. 4. We troubleshoot Windows & Mac, desktops, laptops, iPads and software problems related to Virus, Spyware, Firewall, MS Office, Blackberry, iPhone, iTunes, etc.... 5. We fixed problems not attended by Internet Service Providers, such as virus removal, wireless printing, signal dropout, broadband error, Email & Internet Explorer errors, Slow...... 6. We run the most Professional Data Recovery Service in Hong Kong and have successful track record of saving data from harddrives in poor conditions. 7. Dropoff Diagnosis & Repair (for Laptop only) at flat labour rate, parts extra is available by appointment. Inquiries by all means are welcome, but phone gets priority please. Opening Hours : 11am - 6pm Mon-Fri

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