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Flashlab Photobooth Hong Kong

Specialities of FLASHLAB Photobooth Hong Kong Flashlab Photobooth Hong Kong - Voted No.1 Photobooth Service in Hong Kong! We are striving to provide the best Photo Booth rental experience in Hong Kong! Our advanced HD Photo booth will keep your guests entertained for the whole night. We use the latest electronics and highest quality materials to provide top-tier service! Our team is highly skilled and most of all: they love photo booths and care about making your event memorable and enjoyable. We offer multiple Photo services, HD Photobooth, Instagram Photobooth & Videobooth! Additionally we offer one of the largest Prop and Backdrop Rental services, customized Prop production and in-house design! All our service packages include the below features: Unlimited PropsSuper fast HD PrintingHighly Motivated CrewFree Template DesigningMany extra Options (Instagram, Facebook, GIF, Video..) Proudly serving Weddings, Birthdays, Private and Corporate Events - Here are some of our regular clients: AIA, Absolute Vodka, Borghese, Converse, HSBC, JP Morgan, Kate Spade, Konzepp, Pernod Ricard, Shangri-la, Sogo, Softree, Transitions, W Hotel History of Flashlab Photobooth Hong Kong Established in 2012.Flashlab Photobooth Hong Kong was successfully founded in 2012 by lifestyle entrepreneur and multimedia addict Vivian Lam. Having worked as a Marketing Expert at HSBC for years, she decided it was time to fill the gap of missing Party / Wedding and Event favor services, and start what is now well known, as Hong Kong's premium and No.1 Photobooth / Service Rental company in Hong Kong! Flashlab Lmtd was born, and as of today has expanded into multiple areas of Event Services, offering specialized services of Photobooth Rental, Instagram Booth Rental, Videobooth Rental, Prop & Backdrop customization and design!

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