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Calbee Four Seas Co Ltd

Champion Asia Limited

Hong Kong Yamazaki Baking Co Ltd

A & W Food Service Limited

Cheung Fung International Frozen Food Company Limited

Abbott Laboratories Limited

Kerryflex Supply Chain Solutions Limited

Hop Kwan International Company Limited

Info Dragon Limited

AJ Foods Co Ltd

Goldberg Industrial Ltd

Glory Food International Ltd

Nam Pei Hong Sum Yung Drugs Co Ltd

Newton Marine Products Company Limited

Frieslandcampina (Hong Kong) Limited

Fulltech Holdings Limited

Ocean Pine Ltd

G.C. Luckmate Trading Limited

Orient Resources Company

Oriental Engineering Co Ltd

Maxim's Caterers Ltd

Evergreen Oils & Fats Limited

Beautisky International Limited

Win Wa Tea Co Ltd

British-American Tobacco Co (HK) Ltd

Metadesign Ltd

Kiu Fung Hong Limited

Sweet Essentials Limited

P-Master International Trading Limited

Fame Gain (Hong Kong) Ltd

Bester Limited

Tycoon (China) Company Limited

Keung Tat (H.K.) Company Limited

Aimrise Industrial Co.Ltd.

Sunny Trading Company

China Agri Oils Trading Limited

Readyable Enterprise Limited

On Chak Food Provision Company Limited

I & C (Hong Kong) Limited


Shun Shing (Hong Kong) Trading Company Limited

Pomand Development Company

Pacifica International Company

Hung Fook Tong (China) Development Limited

Goodwell Sam Cheong Grocery Company Ltd

Lion International Trading Limited

Green Base Ltd

Griffith Laboratories Limited

Polybrands International Ltd

Hai Luen Trading Company (Hong Kong) Limited

Synergy Seafood Ltd

Ladon Distributor Co ltd

Jap Foods Company Limited

Hang Chong Lung Food Company Ltd

Timlung Limited

Rainbow Asset Ltd

Classic Fine Foods (HK) Ltd

C & Y Canfood Trading Company Limited

Smith & Nephew Limited

Candy Novelty Works Limited

Denis Freres (China) Company Limited

Hoover Food Supplier Ltd

Noah Transportation Company

Taylor Finefoods (Asia) Ltd

M.T.C. (Hong Kong) Limited

Oriental Sino Limited

Mead Johnson Nutrition (Hong Kong) Limited

Rich Strong International Ltd

Yui Kee Company Limited

Hope Right China Ltd

Horizontal International Limited

Ping Shan Foods Company Limited

CJ China Limited

Hui Lau Shan Food Manufacturing Co Ltd

New Arts Co

Sun Wah Japanese Food Limited

Chinatex Grains And Oils (H.K.) Limited

Gold Coin Group Limited

Worldtalent Corporation Limited

Heinz Hong Kong Limited

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