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i-CABLE Telecom Ltd

Citipost (Asia) Limited

China Virtual Telecom (Hong Kong) Limited

Pan Telecom Limited

PCCW-HKT Technical Services Ltd

Nokia Siemens Networks H.K. Limited

S.F. Express (Hong Kong) Limited

ComNet Telecom International Limited

IDT Telecom Asia Pacific Ltd

China Telecom (Hong Kong) International Limited

International Business Center, IBC

Television Broadcasts Limited

TNT Express Worldwide (HK) Ltd

LiveCom Limited

Infonet Services (Hong Kong) Limited

Shinetown Mobile Ltd

Cable News International, Inc

Alcanet International Asia Pacific Pte Limited

Kuehne & Nagel Ltd

Asia Television Limited

Centrex Telecom Co Ltd

Hong Kong CSL Limited

CSL Limited

Ultra Active Technology Limited

InterCall Hong Kong Limited

PCCW-HKT Network Services Limited

Genesys Conferencing Limited

T-Systems China Limited

ComNet Telecom (HK) Limited

The Hong Kong Delivery Company Limited

APT Satellite Company Limited

China Communications Services Corporation Limited

Hutchison Global Communications Ltd

Phoenix Satellite Television Co Ltd

OCS HongKong Company Limited

Metopro Associates Limited

Elephant Talk Limited

Shinetown Telecommunication Limited

Asia Telecom Limited

China Oriental Express Co Ltd

King Kong Express (Hong Kong) Co Ltd

Telecommunications International Networks (H.K.) Limited

Primex Communications Limited

IPNet Telecommunications Limited

PCCW-HKT Telephone Ltd

Federal Express Pacific, Inc.

TeleOne (HK) Limited

Alpha One Limited

UC-Mass Express Limited

Wave Media Limited

HeterMedia Services Limited

Hongkong Post

The Executive Centre Hong Kong Ltd

Deutsche Post Global Mail (Australia) Pty Ltd

SatCom Distribution (Asia) Limited

BT Hong Kong Limited

Thunder Logistics Ltd

Mostrend Limited

Coe International Logistics HK Limited

ADC Communications Hong Kong Ltd

Y & S Service Company

HKNet Company Ltd

ASIX Asia Satellite Internet Exchange Limited

Asia Broadcast Satellite (HK) Ltd

Octotech Consultant Limited

Reach Global Services Limited

New World Telecommunications Ltd

Transnational Logistics Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited

Telecommunication Design, Construction & Maintenance Ltd

Telecommunications & Security Systems Limited

Alcatel Networks (Asia) Limited

Trident Telecom Ventures Ltd

Futac International Ltd

Reach Networks Hong Kong Limited

Air-City Co Ltd

DM Logistics Limited

CITIC Telecom 1616 Limited

Hogan Communications Holdings Limited

Virtual Switching Consultancy Ltd

CarrierNet Corporation Ltd

China Motion Telecom (HK) Limited

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