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Chi Sun Company Limited

Ability Industrial Co

Able Leader Co Ltd

China Dyeing Holdings Limited

Hong Kong Mattress Manufactory Limited

New China Laundry Ltd.

Long Cheer Enterprise Ltd

Keyable International Limited

Sun Hing Curtain & Canvas Company Limited

Posand Dyeing & Printing (99) Limited

Essenza Interiors Ltd

Kerry Elastic Fabric Ltd

Tophill Piao Cai Industries (HK) Limited

Sea Power Trading Co

Lake Side Printing Factory Ltd

New Jersey Knitting Factory Limited

Grand Star Textiles Limited

Novotex Company Limited

Freudenberg & Vilene International Ltd

Hantrade Yarn & Piece Goods Limited

Friendly Foundate Ltd

Esprit Distribution Limited

Majestic Resources (Textile) Limited

Faith Bright Textile Ltd

Stretchline Holdings Limited

NewsPrint Production Group Ltd

Fildan Accessories (HK) Ltd

Hangtat Industrial Wigs Factory

Co-Prosperity (Hong Kong) Limited

Tong Dynasty Ltd

Prospect Industrial Co

Wilson Textile Limited

Daitto Global Sourcing Service Co Ltd.

Nan Yang Textile (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd.

Billion Rise Knitting (H.K.) Limited

Univer Ltd

Billion Fame Ltd

Growth Equity Ltd

Ruby Industrial Co., Limited

Universal Belts Fty

Treasure Lounge Ltd

Link Mark Int'l Ltd

Eternal Trans Far East Co

Hop Well Dyeing & Finishing Factory Limited

Fook Hing Embroidery Factory Limited

Regent Pioneer Limited

Gentle Enterprises Limited

Cheung Kee Hong

Tai Loy Bags Fty Ltd

Tin Boa Textiles Co Ltd

Uniwin Computerized Label Factory Ltd

In-Growth Trading Co

Jet Mark Embroidery (Computer) Factory Ltd

Well Leader Industrial Co Ltd

Jointak Industrial Company Limited

Megatex Group Ltd

Progress Textile Company Limited

Yue Tai Computerized Labels Co

Hong Kong Jun Teng International Ltd

Fu Shing Industries (HK) Co Ltd

Pacific Ornaments Manufactory Ltd

Wah Sing Electronic Dyeing Co Ltd

P & S Enterprises Ltd

Kaiser Embroidery Products Limited

Qst Asia Ltd

Kane Top Knitting Factory Limited

High Sun Trading Co., Limited

Highscene Ltd

Ritz Resources Limited

Shui Lam (International) Textiles Enterprises Ltd

Wing Wah Cone Dyeing Company Limited

Carlos Ltd

Sheen Harbour Textiles Limited

Super Alloy (Holdings) Company Limited

Sun Tak Industries Group Limited

Blueseas Enterprise Co Ltd

Wah Tat Development Ltd

Yokview Company Limited

Hing Man (Lee's) Co. Limited

Etonix Knitting Fty Ltd

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