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ST. Jude Medical (Hong Kong) Ltd

GlaxoSmithKline Limited

Nam Pei Hong Sum Yung Drugs Co Ltd

Goodwill Industrial Company

Hong Kong Correctional Services Department

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Limited


Clinicon Medical Limited

Chi Kuan Mfy Ltd

Kingyield (HK) Ltd

Paten Ltd

Kam Healthcare Group Ltd

Kamfung Industrial International Ltd

Ka Fuk Int'l Health Services Limited

Yat Fung Daily Product Co Ltd

Fanda Pharmaceutical Limited

Star (China) Limited

Next System International Holdings Ltd

Fanda Perfume Company Limited

New Growth Co

Millenaire Plastic Limited

Safetech Limited

Asia Spa and Wellness Ltd

Wegot Investment Limited

Foot Specialist Footcare & Products Company Limited

Department of Health of the Hong Kong SAR Government

MediHealth Ltd

AML Health Plus Ltd

Techwall Electronics Co Ltd

Welltectron Technology Company Limited

Renaissance International Company Limited

SVB International Limited

Health Watchers Limited

Viking Life-Saving Equipment Hong Kong Ltd

BrainLAB Limited

Dentsply International Inc.

Globe Optical Limited

Ever Keen Enterprises Limited

Asia Medicare (HK) Limited

Vincent Medical Manufacturing Comapny Limited

Ren Tong Industrial Limited

K.E.V. Company Ltd

Prince Philip Dental Hospital

Mecodent Dental Laboratory Development Co. Limited

Innotronik Hong Kong Limited

Medicare Health Products Co. Limited

Hung Win Trading Company

IntegMed Limited

Janley Ltd

Ching Tung Wing Chinese Medicine Co Ltd

Julius Chen & Company (HK) Ltd

Cogent Products Manufacturing Limited

Nu Pharm Limited

Kam Hope Company Limited

Jacobson Medical (Hong Kong) Ltd

Conxept Ltd

Pharmacare Limited

BioHealth Plus Limited

Union Hospital Limited

Ready Honest Ltd

Solar Wide Industrial Limited

Aniam Biomedical Company Limited

Indukern Hong Kong Limited

Jackcent Industrial Co., Limited

HealthCare Dental Limited

Bonso Electronics Ltd.

Goodman Medical Supplies Ltd

Double Class Co Ltd

Modern Dental Laboratory Company Limited

South China String Company

Milverton Limited

Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co Ltd

Bio-Asia Diagnostics Company Ltd

F.E.M. Limited

Biocline Healthcare Services Ltd

Chindex Hong Kong Limited

Biomerieux China Limited

Carbo Trading Company Limited

Good Luck Medical Co. Limited

Lisbeth Enterprises Limited

Kian Hin Leong Enterprises Limited

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