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Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
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Iconinks Limited

Micro Control Eng Co Ltd

Silver Light Trading Co

Family Umbrella Company

Kasion Automation Limited

Kentglory Development Ltd

Ming Sang Button Manufactory Ltd

Chemtax Industrial Co Ltd

New & Rebuilt Sewing Machine Co Ltd

Alixon Industrial Company

Kenlen Sewing Machine Company Limited

Hop Cheong Sewing Machine Company Limited

Kung Yick Development Limited

Corona Investment Limited

Tung Shing Dyeing Machines Fty Ltd

Matsuya Machinery (Hong Kong) Limited

Luen Tai Group (H.K.) Ltd

Winco Electric H.K. Company

Goldluck Electronics Company

Artrend Holdings Limited

Kingstones International Limited

B.P.I. Hong Kong Company Ltd

Hong Kong Shanghai Trading Company Limited

Graf Cardservice Far East Ltd


Waycorp Limited

Sino Instruments & Materials Group Limited

FLIR Systems Co., Ltd

Phoenix Packaging Technology Co Ltd

Tat Sing Garment Laundry Pressing Machinery Co Ltd

Miracle Associate Co Ltd

Eastex Holdings Limited

Modern Like Limited

Doultsons Limited

Nan Sing Machinery Limited

Skytop Industrial Limited

Fiugeman (HK) Enterprise Company

Win Win Industrial Co Ltd

Monforts Fong's Textile Machinery Co. Limited

Kun Yuk Machines Engineering Co Ltd

Sabry Lee Limited

Far East Honest Company Limited

Legend Land Limited

Siu Fuk Enterprise

Oerlikon Textile Far East Limited

Karl Mayer (H.K.) Limited

Elitak Machinery Limited

Tung Shing Sewing Machine Company Ltd

Wycon Industrial Supplies Limited

Hong Kong Industrial Services Limited

Hong Kong Komiya Company Limited

SSM Scharer Schweiter Mettler AG

Manfort Technology Service Center

Jako Ltd

Sealed Air Hong Kong Ltd

Tung Wah International Co. Limited

Freder Trading Co

New Concept International Enterprise Limited

Yet Sun Wigs Manufacturing Co Ltd

Sew Access (Far East) Ltd

Sun Kee Hong Trading Company Limited

Lucid Trading Company Limited

Jakob Mueller Hong Kong China Ltd

Karlville Devloopment Ltd


Shanghai Guiyi Sewing Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Inox Machinery Co., Limited

Lung Sum Sewing & Electric Machine Co Ltd

Dah Foong Company Ltd

K & E Company Limited

Brother Corporation (Asia) Limited

Saxonia Knitting Parts Asia Ltd

Wealth Town Co Ltd

Duerkopp Adler Far East Limited

Longwick Industries Limited

SinoTech Asia Limited

Wealmart Asia Limited

Velmont International Ltd

Kakuyo Hong Kong Co Ltd

Fong's National Engineering Co Ltd

Wingspread Co

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