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Matsco Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited

Global Link Digital International Company Limited

Shanghai International Electronic Company Limited

Kabushiki Kaisha Best Denki

Nextron Components Ltd

Yes Limited

Q Pac Technology Limited

Sunlite Computronics Limited

SYS-Link Technology Company Limited

Tech-Trans System Limited

Narry Telecom

Suntech Enterprises (HK) Ltd

Cloudvault (Hong Kong) Ltd

Good Century Holdings Limited

Wealth Wide International Limited

PC Partner Limited

Heidelberg China Ltd

Evga (Hong Kong) Company Limited

Hilltop Computer Ltd

T-Systems China Limited

Utopian Computer Systems Limited

Artesyn Technologies Asia-Pacific Ltd

Super Leading International Ltd.

Paddy Enterprises Co Ltd

Technosoft Hongkong Ltd

CA ( Hong Kong ) Limited

Brighter Company

Topmass Holdings Ltd

JY Enterprise Ltd

Austin Hughes Electronics Limited

Sci-Union Technology Ltd

Peer Intelligence Technology Limited

Nortel Networks (Asia) Limited

Master (O.A.) Computer Ltd

Scot Jones Consultancy Limited

Outline Electronics Limited

Sun Microsystems Of California Limited

Kudos One Technology Limited

Seal Electronics Asia Ltd

Elixir Group Limited

Lite Star Interactive Co., Ltd

GGI Technology Limited

KTT Netcom Limited

Majo System International Limited

Exford Consultants Limited

Computer Store

Cyber-Pro Computer Limited

Gaoxinqi Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited

Hewlett-Packard HK SAR Ltd

Nam Wah Precision Product Limited

Group Sense Mobile-Tech Ltd

Welkin Systems Ltd

IBM China/Hong Kong Limited

Gain Up (Hong Kong) Technology Limited

Dorman Consultants Limited

Golden Navcom. (China) Limited

Yukwan Co., Ltd

Bestworld Corporation Ltd

Ming Tak Electrical Wiring Co., Ltd

PCCW Directories Ltd

Marsilli Product Factory Limited

Syniverse Technologies Network Solutions Asia Pacific Limited

Neware Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Amoli Enterprises Limited

Proactive Technology Limited

China Travel Hi-Tech Computer Hong Kong Limited

Pan Telecom Limited

DeltaPath Commerce and Technology Limited

Resolution Systems Consultants Limited

Retail Alliance Ltd

Group Sense PDA Ltd Limited

Data Solution Computer Company Limited

Zalton Enterprises Limited

It - Partners Limited

iCon Datacom Limited

Capital Computer Centre Ltd

RAS Technology (HK) Limited

Media-Go Engineering Ltd

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