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Siam Limited

C.S.F. Limited

Prime Spot Investments Limited

Esprit De Corp (Far East) Ltd

Best Foundation Knitters Factory Limited

P.H. Garment Manufacturing Co Ltd

Warnaco Global Sourcing Ltd

Jensmart International Limited

Good Luck Company Ltd

Fullcharm Knitters Limited

Corn Wall Knitting Factory

Che Wing Hong (HK) Ltd

s. Oliver Asia Ltd

Brand International Group (H.K.) Limited

RTG Garments Manufacturing (HK) Limited

Lamtex Sourcing & Developing Co

Oriental Mart Enterprises Limited

Hontex Knitters Ltd

Yata Limited

Da Yang Knitting (International) Limited

Armed Forces Equipment Company Limited

Bertawood Limited

Wing Fung Trading Company

Afasia Textiles Manufacturing Co Ltd

Glitter Co Ltd

Citiwell Trading Limited

Yimi Brassieres & Underwear Factory Company Limited

Blossom Wealth Enterprises Limited

Smart Way Sourcing Ltd

Vinson Garment Factory

Eternal Era Co Ltd

Rich Post Industrial Limited

Whole March Garment Limited

Mei Kei Garment Factory Limited

Surefield Limited

Husky Industries Limited

Deluxe Success Industries Limited

Alegna Industrial Limited

Tung Ying Company Limited

Marsland Industries Limited

King Zebra Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited

Campus Corporation Limited

Sampan Resources Ltd

Arksun (HK) Co. Limited

Talent Sino Limited

Itochu Textile Prominent (Asia) Limited

Balloon Marketing (HK) Ltd

Ying Ming Industrial Company Ltd

Carryon Fashion Company Limited

Saverio International Limited

H Q Umbrella Co

Asia Master Garment Factory Limited

Hang Fai Knitting Factory Limited

Global Resources (H.K.) Ltd

Parlico International Limited

Blossom Glory Limited

Broadway Fur & Fashion Limited

Hing Man (Lee's) Co. Limited

Fung Cheung Glove Factory Limited

Queensin Limited

Ming Hing Shirt Tailor

East Coast (H.K.) Company Limited

Associated Industrial Company Limited

Ford Glory International Limited

Triumph International (Hong Kong) Ltd

HJH Fashions Limited

Golden Crown Enterprises International Limited

Moon Light Co Ltd

Time Circle Limited

Fortune Co

Cheung Tai Garment Limited

Sun Hing Garments Limited

Cabbeen Fashion Trading Company

Sino Scheme Industrial Ltd

Harryip & Co Ltd

Trimode' 82 Ltd

Fortune Creation (HK) Factory Limited

Fashion Road International Ltd

Harry Chan & Company Limited

Goldlion (Far East) Ltd

Parka Lam Industrial Company Ltd

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