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Fairform Manufacturing Company Limited

Design Innovation (HK) Ltd

Radius Hong Kong Limited

Conxept Ltd

Freescale Semiconductor Hong Kong Ltd

Ping Di Ming Tat Carton Paper Products Fty

Edison Pro Company

The Nielsen Company (Hong Kong) Limited

HK Watch & Clock Technology Centre - Hong Kong Productivity Council

Consumer Search Hong Kong Ltd

Emotive Studio Ltd

Li Ning Sports Technology Development (Hong Kong) Company Limited

ACE Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd

Great Pool Ltd

Micom Tech Limited

Product Matrix Limited

Lever Printing Factory Limited

Spark Technology Limited

New Island Printing Company Limited

Beam Matrix Limited

Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association Ltd

Supertex, Limited


Solid Base Group Limited

Effective Label Limited

CCT R & D Limited

Valence Semiconductor Design Ltd

Product Services Limited

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology R and D Corporation Limited

Kwonfai Printing & Carton Factory

Datacraft China / Hong Kong Ltd

Unlimited Innovation Limited

HKC Technology Limited

Gerson Lehrman Group (Asia) Ltd

FRD Services Company Limited

Double Paper Product Industries Limited

Leco Instruments Hong Kong Limited

The Jupiter Group Limited

Aadmix Limited

BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions (Asia) Limited


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