Description of the Product

1. This equipment remove odor and harmful gas by installing ion-cluster inside reagent chamber
    that store hazardous substance and reagents.
2. Temperature adjustable.
   * Refrigeration condition : 2°C~25°C
   * Freeze condition : -15°C~25°C
   * Temperature veriation ±2°C  (Based on 25°C, excluding defrost)
3. 7inch touch screen applied.
   - Display the temperature, humidity, VOCs concentration, graph, set the password.
   - Display the gas concentration, real-time of temperature-humidity.
 4. It can download operating data by using USB until maximum 2 years.
   - It can store data for the gas concentration, temperature-humidity and print out by using
 5. Electronic magnetic lock operated by touch screen.
 6. Shelves can adjusted according to the size of the reagent bottles.
   - Convenient to store reagent by adopting a slide type.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

■ It's enclosed self-circulated type that no leaking air into the room.
1. When polluted air is entered in reagent chamber, filter becomes supersaturation, shortening filter life.
2. Polluted filter may become as source of pollutant as harmful gas or odor.
3. It was improved disadvantage that Reagent chamber of discharge type is discharged indoor air to outdoors so that loss energy of heating and cooling.

■ Hydrodynamics design
1. It's designed low pressure of -0.3pha inside the reagent chamber.
2. Polluted air is not discharged to the outside.
3. Fluid velocity at the foot of reagent chamber is discharged 0.53m/s no reverse flow of harmful gas or odor.

■ KASSIA module
1. Harmful gas and odor gernerated inside the reagent chamber are removed by using the KASSIA module with ion-cluster.
2. It's not required maintenance cost, can be used permanently.
3. It remove odor, harmfule gas more than 95%.
4. It does not ozone occur.

■ Principle of removing odor and harmful gas from ion-cluster
1.Ion cluster are aggregates of 10 to 60 oxygen molecule ions, and various radicals, such as oxygen anion/ion and OH, directly oxidize with gaseous substances, volatile organic compounds and odorous substances to remove pollutants.

 ■ Function - High-efficiency and low-noise turbo fan
1. Fan overheating prevention system is applied.
2. Turbo fan with built in motor.

 ■ Shelves - slide shelves
1. Shelves can adjusted according to the size of the reagent bottles.
2. Convenient to store reagent by adopting a slide type.

 ■ Front-view mirror
1. Tempered glass has strong resistance by high heat and impact.
2. It is easy to get visibility of inside.

 ■ Option
1. The color is able to adjusted according to the purpose of use, such as separation storage.

 ■ Various function
* Gas sensor ( except discharge and dessemination type)
1. metal oxide semiconductor sensor
2. Micro electro-mechanical system sensor. (MEMS sensor)
3. Quick respone
* Temperature-humidity sensor ( except discharge and dessemination type)
1. High-stability of CMOS method
2. Simultaneous measurement of temperature and humidity.

 ■ Auto caster
1. Height adjustable
2. Lock function

 ■ Material
1. 1.2mm CR, acid resistance, alkali resistance paint coating.