ZEO-SD142FS ZEO-SD143FS (ZEO-SDS142F, ZEO-SDS143F) Acid/Base separation (Self-discharge) of ZEOFILTECH CO., LTD


Description of the Product

 1. This equipment for storing hazardous substance and reagents.
 2. External air is drawn through the air-inlet at the bottom of the reagent chamber. In this case, 
    the odor and harmful gas generated from the reagent chamber are discharged through the 
    air-outlet at the top of the reagent chamber.
 3. The air-outlet can add with filter for removing harmful gas. (Option)
 4. It is operated automatically after power cut by memory function, power condition, fan speed
     display, touch switch and high-brightness LED.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

■Discharge type (Self-discharge type)/ Central HVAC
1. This equipment is discharged harmful gas by using the fan that install inside reagent chamber.
2. Maximum discharge distance is 10m. If the discharge distance is far, discharge may not be smoothly.
3. A various duct material can use to connect with reagent chamber.

■Display-high brightness LED.
1. Display the power condition, fan speed status.
2. It is operated automatically fan speed adjustment to the opening and closing of the door.
3. It is operated automatically after power cut by memory function.

■Function- selector key.
1. A lock operated by an electronic signal selector.
2. Electronic magnetic lock operated by touch screen.
3. Adsorption intensity : 270kgs.

■Outline of harmful gas
1. Discharge the harmful gas using the blower installed rooftop or machine room.

■Function- Camlock.

1. The color can be adjusted according to the purpose of use, such as separation storage.

1. Flexible duct hoss - Teflon(Standard), Fiber glass, Aluminum.
2. Spiral duct - GI, Stainless, Galvalume.
3. Chemically resistant duct - PVC, PE.

■Sirocco fan
1. High-efficiency, low-noise turbo fan by hydrodynamic design. (self-discharge type only)