Rubber seals (rubber gland) of GUMET SZ.GENEJA, KOZŁOWSKA, LATOS SP. J.


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Description of the Product

Rubber gland

Application: rubber gland for smooth pipes installation in the walls of the plastic tank. For household tanks, sewage treatment plants, network manholes of sewage pumping stations, tanks for collecting rainwater, water meter wells, and all tanks and enclosures with smooth walls (not corrugated).
Function: the rubber gland protects and seals the pipe when passing through 6-12 mm thick walls.
Material: the used rubber is resistant to any weather conditions for a very long time. Different material versions that are resistant to oil and grease are available for special applications.
Quality: we have been manufacturing rubber glands for over 10 years and almost 100 of our regular customers confirm the quality of our gaskets.
Check it out and see that our quality is trustworthy!
Assortment: we offer a range of diameters:
DN 32; DN 40; DN 50; DN 63; DN 75; DN 90; DN 110; DN 160; DN 200; DN 250; DN 315
Price: full offer on request
We are able to make gaskets of other dimensions and of a changed design on request.
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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Břitové těsnění
  • Dimension DN32-DN315
  • Brand GUMET
  • Certification EN681-1; ISO 9001; ISO 14001
  • Origin Polsko