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Description of the Product

During the 1980s, the founders of PiezoMotor AB, Professor Stefan Johansson and Dr Mats Bexell started their research on micro motion systems. After almost ten years of research, they were awarded the Swedish Innovation Cup and the ”Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” prize for their new rotating piezoelectric motor... 

Features and benefits
  • Small size
  • High force output
  • Direct drive
  • Backlash free
  • Nanometer resolution
  • Energy efficient

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Piezo LEGS Linear motors
This linear Piezo LEGS motor is ideally suited for move and hold applications where precision, minimal space, low energy consumption and simple construction are required.

Piezo LEGS Rotary motors
This Piezo LEGS rotary motor is intended for a large range of applications where high speed dynamics and positioning with precision is crucial. High torque output in a small package is also beneficial.

Key Features - Linear piezo motors
  • Force 0,1 ... 450 N
  • Resolution < 1 nm
  • Speed nm/s ... mm/s
KEY FEATURES - Rotary piezo motors
  • Torque 0,1 ... 80 mNm
  • Resolution < 1 μrad
  • Speed μrad/s ... rad/s