Lynn ultra-light Stroller of Heallingveat Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Lynn ultra light strollor  made by MAMAROO (Healingveat .co)
Healingveat is the manufacturing company produces baby products, especially Baby Stroller, Highchair, etc.
For our products, we are focusing on the high quality and aesthetic design for helping baby’s growth.

-Lynn ultra light stoller function

1. The Lynn stroller is so small that you can carry it on the fly. 
It weight only 5.5kg(
12.125424lb )

2. UV-blocked canopy protect your kids from the sun when you go out
3. Comfortable to adjust angle of the backrest
4. Best handling for comfortable driving
5. Lynn stroller thinks safety is top priority
- T-Guard, Lock system potect your kids
6. Basket can be stored in plenty (maximum 2kg)

Product ready for delivery

Price and payment

From 55.00 USD
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Letter of Credit

Characteristics of the Product

  • Model LYNN
  • Dimension 45x25.5x42cm /12.125424lb (5.5kg)
  • Brand MAMAROO
  • Certification KC, ISO,EN,ASTM
  • Origin CHINA