[FLALIA] OROLA Portable Eye Makeup Brush Set of JC Cosmetic


Description of the Product

  [FLALIA] OROLA Portable Eye Makeup Brush Set
  • 3 Natural Hair Brushes + 2 High Quality Synthetic Hair Brushes
  • Natural Pony hair for Basic Eye Makeup (except for Point shadow, Eyebrow brushes)
  • Light-weight Handles and Slim-sized Tin Case help protecting Brushes
  • Pearl Purple Unique Metal Design / Great for Glamorous Eye Makeup
  • Bristle: Cruelty-Free Natural Pony hair / Premium Synthetic hair
  • Ferrule: Aluminium / Handle: Plastic / Case: Tin (13.7cm)
  • Model Number: SET-D-038
1. Angled Shading Brush (Pony hair) / 13.2cm
2. Base Shadow Brush (Pony hair) / 13.1cm
3. Medium Shadow Brush (Pony hair) / 13.0cm
4. Point Shadow Brush (Synthetic Bristles) / 12.6cm
5. Eyebrow Brush (Synthetic Bristles) / 12.7cm
* FLALIA's makeup brushes are hand-crafted, so there could be slight errors in size measurement.
If there is any quesition,  feel free to inquire. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you! :)

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand FLALIA