CUBE AC (ACID Storage), CUBE BC (Base storage), CUBE OC (Organic solvent storage) of ZEOFILTECH CO., LTD


Description of the Product

1. Multifunctional reagent chamber that can various layer according to purpose of use.
2. It is ultra low power product that dramatically improves energy efficiency by using digital 
   inverter compressor.
3. 4.3inch touch screen.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

■ The first time assemble type reagent storage chamber in Korea.
1. This reagent chamber is able to storage separately by reagent type.
2. It is able to assembled conveniently according to purpose of use or space.
3. It is able to assembled by one touch method so it is not necessary a tool.

■ 4.3inch color touch screen
1. Display the temperature, humidity, VOCs concentration, graph, set the password.
2. Display the gas concentration, real-time of temperature, humidity graph data.

■ Shelves
1. Height adjustable.
2. Be able to convenient stored of reagents in slide type.

■Password lock
1. Password lock operated by touch screen.

■KASSIA module
1. KASSIA module is used to removed harmful gas and odor with ion-cluster.
2. It's not required maintenance cost, can be used permanently.
3. It remove odor, harmfule gas more than 95%
4. It does not ozone occur.

■ Principle of removing odor and harmful gas from ion-cluster
1.Ion cluster are aggregates of 10 to 60 oxygen molecule ions, and various radicals, such as oxygen anion/ion and OH, directly oxidize with gaseous substances, volatile organic compounds and odorous substances to remove pollutants.