Brushless flat motors BXT of Faulhaber Minimotor SA


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Description of the Product

Brushless flat motors with External rotor technology​
The external rotor motors of the BXT series set new standards: thanks to innovative winding technology and optimum design, the BXT motors deliver a torque of up to 134 mNm. The ratio of torque to weight and size is unmatched...

  • External rotor motors with very high torque
  • Continuous output up to 100 W
  • Outstanding ratio of torque to weight and size
  • Flat design for space-critical applications. Length range of 14 to 21 mm.
  • Matching optical and magnetic encoders, gearheads and controls available
  • 14-pole construction

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

- Motor diameter22 ... 42 mm
- Motor length14 ... 21 mm
- Nominal voltage6 ... 48 V
- Speedup to 10.000 min-1
- Torqueup to 134 mNm
- Continuous outputup to 100 W

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