Brush Set (ADAM Brush Set) of JC Cosmetic


Description of the Product

7 High Quality Synthetic Hair Brushes
       1. Cheek Brush / 12.3cm     2. Contour Brush / 11.9cm
       3. Base Shadow / 13.0cm     4. Medium Shadow / 12.9cm
       5. Eyehole Brush / 13.0cm     6. Point Shadow / 12.4cm
       7. Eyebrow Brush / 12.3cm     *Hand Mirror / 7cm×14.5cm
 - ALL IN ONE including a Hand Mirror and a Standing Brush Holder
 - Cell-phone Sized Holder and a Hand Mirror that fit in one hand
 - Names are shown on the handles so easy to classify the usage

*Detail :
Bristle: Synthetic hair
Ferrule: Aluminium
Handle: Plastic
Brush Holder: Synthetic Leather (7.2cm×15.5cm)

Price of the Product

From 7.27 AED