AMS - LENS Series. Multi-stage equipment for lens manufacturers of BRIO Ultrasonics


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Description of the Product

The best solution for lens cleaning and the final processes of lens manufacturing, among others.

Our BR-AMS series machines are specially designed for RGP contact lens manufacturers, with the aim of optimizing the last stages of the manufacturing process. Until now, the removal of the blocking wax and final cleaning of the lenses was a time consuming process, carried out with tedious manual methods, which could cause damage to the lenses.
With our BR-AMS series of multi-stage cleaning machines, the process is done automatically, in a very short time and with a 100% success rate. The ultrasonic cleaning stage works by immersion: the lenses are placed in a custom-designed tool and immersed in the cleaning fluid, in which the ultrasonic cleaning effect carries out the complete cleaning of the lenses. The lenses are then rinsed and/or dried according to the customer’s needs. 
BRIO’s unique contact lens cleaning solution has been designed together with contact lens manufacturing experts. It is based on the following three factors:
  1. The powerful microbrushing effect produced by the exclusive BRIO ultrasonic technology.
  2. The cleaning fluid, composed of water and a small percentage of a chemical specifically developed for this application, in compliance with CE marking.
  3. The heating of the cleaning fluid. It has to be at a certain temperature for maximum performance.
  • Full automation of the lens cleaning process. The PLC, robot arm, and all the electronic components permit the automatic transportation of the lenses through the stages and the automatic perform of the full cleaning cycle. All functionalities and cleaning programs are easily managed from the touch-screen panel. 
  • Fast and safe cleaning of the lenses.  BRIO ultrasonic cleaning produces a microbrushing at a molecular level that eliminates any kind of dirt in a very short time, leaving the lenses completely clean without damaging them. Our BRIO ultrasonic cleaning system can be adapted to any shape and size of corneal or scleral lenses. We also develop specific carrying tools for each one.
  • Exclusive technology that ensures your production goals. The cleaning cycles always take the same amount of time, and always achieve the desired results, which allows you to totally control the cleaning process.
  • Cleaning programs adapted to customer’s needs. We can establish various programs that are selected from the control panel. For example: lens deblocking, final cleaning and other cleaning programs before inspection, plasma treatment or final cleaning. 
BR-6 AMS TECHNICAL INFORMATION  (machine from picture )
  •   EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 1390 L x 945 W x 1495 H mm
  •   VATS INSTALLED 2 Ultrasonic cleaning vats, 2 Ultrasonic rinse vats, 1 Drying vat
  •   TOTAL POWER 1150 W

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  • Model BR-6 AMS
  • Brand BRIO