More about Kompass?

How is the data updated?

The database is updated frequently by Kompass, it's global partners …and you!

Kompass team

Global team
of experts

A high
rate (usually
around 96%)

Kompass collects and publishes business information which can be used to assist with sales & marketing by B2B companies worldwide.

In addition to key company information (location, industry, size and executives), we are one of the few global business information providers to collect detailed data on the companies' business activity, as well as the products and services they produce or supply.

We continually update this data, which is collected locally within each country, in order to enrich depth & content and ensure it is kept reliably up to date.

In addition, we endeavour to make sure that key company information is collected from the companies listed themselves.

Therefore the information that can be made available is not limited to that which is available on the market.

We also make use of the advanced information technologies available to assist with data review, as well as traditional update methods (phone and email). Along with company’s direct update contributions, these help to ensure that at Kompass we can provide the most reliable global business information available.


A collect at the root

1 500 000addresses
each week

NPAI Hard< 1%

Collaborative data update

Finally thanks go to our users, for helping to enhance the Kompass database by updating information relating to their company.

Through crowdsourcing, there are more than 25 000 updates, completed each year which are then validated by Kompass,