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Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Online Trade Show (KOMTS) K193 booth always operated

By: JD Co.,Ltd.

Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Online Trade Show (KOMTS) K193 booth always operated
Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Online Trade Show (KOMTS) K193 booth always operated

Start date:  June 18, 2022 12:00 AM

End date:  June 20, 2022 3:00 AM

○ 2021 Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Online Trade Show (KOMTS)
   〮 Period: June 18, 2021 - July 02, 2021
   〮 Venue: Online
   〮 Exhibition scale: 153 companies from 70 countries participated / about 350,000 visitors 

 - By participating in the Korean shipbuilding and marine online trade exhibition, we have established a long-term overseas export platform with partners from around the world, such as overseas buyers and shipowners.
 - Exhibiting products through a company-customized digital virtual booth that is differentiated from offline, inducing improvement in corporate awareness and preference of potential customers, global business partners.
 - Through direct communication with overseas buyers through the B2B matching program, as a domestic shipbuilding and offshore company, we develop overseas markets and lay the foundation for trading. 

 - Product exhibited at the event
   <Multipurpose Water Drone> 
                                                                                〮 Self-recovery in case of overturn
                                                                                〮 Temperature/salinity measurement
                                                                                〮 Video shooting/transmission
                                                                                〮 Remote control and autonomous driving function
                                                                                〮 Real-time ocean information observation possible 

 - A multi-purpose water drone that can self-restore the state in case of capsize in an unstable marine environment, and can observe weather and ocean information in real time through temperature/salinity measurement, 
   video recording/transmission, remote control, and autonomous driving functions.
 - Even if the hull capsizes, it can be restored, and there is no risk of loss even in a severe marine environment, so it can be operated at all times. 

 <S/W-MARERP for shipbuilding industry> 

                                                                              - A quantity management program that applies the shipbuilding industry standard process that can manage complex processes and various quantities in an integrated way.
                                                                              - Development of quantity and purchase management functions based on design drawings according to the shipbuilding industry classification system.
                                                                              - Establishment of quantity management function optimized for the shipbuilding industry, input resource management function, and data management system by ship                                      
                                                                                type and ship type.                                                     
                                                                              - Improvement of the existing manual-based quantity and purchase management system by linking the design program with the company's own purchase management 
                                                                              - Reduced program introduction cost by establishing only core functions of shipbuilding.