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Daepre Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Our factories are in Chengdu,China, and all business operation is carried out by our China office. Contact in China: Address: Tu Nan Duo#5-2703, No.222 Tianshun Road, Hi-Tech Zone,Chengdu 610041, China Tel: (86-28)66703675 Fax: (86-28)61550680 Daepre is an ISO 9001 certificated manufacturing group for metal casting, injectionaplastic products, sheet metal parts from 1995. Our business spirit is: continuous improvement in technology and quality to support our customer's diversified uses. The industries we are serving include: car, motorcycle, electronic device, medical equipment, kitchen, utensil, office equipment, valve, pump, telecommunication, home appliance, heavy machinery etc. CASTING: Our castings products include SAND CASTINGS (from 0.2kg to 1000kg), PRESSURE CASTINGS,aluminum & Zinc DIE CASTINGS(few grams to 10-20kg) and carbon steel & stainless Steel LOST-WAX CASTINGS (0.5kg or less to 25kg). We have the manufacture and test equipment such as medium frequency induction furnace, wax injection machine, die-casting machine ranging from 250tons to 1600tons, shot blaster, SPK direct reading instrument analyzer, metallurgical analysis, tensile strength tester, hardness tester, CMM. Also the die making from CNC, machining,power coating, painting, plating, assembly are all been offered locally for the purpose of our clients' request. INJECTION MOLDED PLASTIC COMPONENTS:Daepre's high performance by injection molding machines, in house tool shop, product engineering, mold design and custom designed product handling automation capably managed by a skilled and motivated staff can offer you the best value in plastics today. As an ISO 9001:2000 registered injection molder and injection molding plastics manufacturer, Daepre molds engineering resins in challenging applications can be produced from 0.004g to 3000g for medical, office equipment, automobiles, telecommunication, consumption, construction as well as electronics and material including PP, ABS, POM, PE, PC, PVC, PS, HIPS, Nylon, PU, PTFE, BP, EVA, PBT, PET, CAP, TPE, PMMA, SAA, PF, MF etc. CNC MACHINING and ANODIZED ALUMINUM MACHINED COMPONENTS:Our fully equipped Tooling Center, which includes high-tech CNC milling equipment and EDM machines, offers you the utmost in quality, precision, and flexibility. Once the computers, CNC and EDM machines (have finished their work, Daepre toolmakers then take over and apply the finishing touches, thoroughly checking every detail. Also Daepre used his advanced equipment, such as Gantry Machining Center, Vertical Machining Center, High Speed Machining Center, Horizontal Machining Center, CNC Gun Drilling Machine to produce many precision parts, such as shaft, gears, spindles, bushings etc. for many industries, es pecially for motorcycles and autos. The materials we are machining inclued carbon steel, aluminum, alloy steel, tool steel, bronze, brass, staainless steeel, POM etc. The surface treatments we are doing include anodize, powder coating, wet painting, zinc plating, chrome plating etc.

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